What is Brand “YOU”

Brand YOU  is being intentional in how you present yourself within the context of the job market.  It is the steps you use take to make yourself highly distinguishable from all other candidates.

 How do you want people to see you each and every time?  The way you communicate, your attitude, appearance and performance all define your personal brand.  Branding requires intention and consistency. How do you  intentionally and consistently address the areas I just mentioned? What do people say about you when you are not around?

This blog is intended to give you some insight into that process.


One thought on “What is Brand “YOU”

  1. “It is imperative that you view yourself as a company.” Wow, I never thought of that before. I work in marketing and we are constantly helping build company brands, but I never thought about the importance of a personal brand until reading this blog. I wish I had known about this blog when I was in college. Despite the fact that I’ve graduated, I have still found very practical, sound advice in this blog. Thanks so much for writing.

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