8 Semesters, Not Four Years

Think in terms of semesters, not years

Four years sounds like a long time.  8 semesters  sounds far more fleeting.  8 semesters give or take one or two additional semesters is the amount of time that  the majority of college students have. You want to spend this time creating experiences for yourself that you can add to your resume and  discuss during the job interview.   There are far too many activities, clubs and programs at most schools for you to spend that time just going to class.  It is your responsibility to use that time wisely.  In many ways that means you will develop yourself holistically into a candidate that employers will want to hire.  Dont’ waste time by thinking that you have alot of time. You will learn soon that those 8 semesters go by very quickly. Spend the time you do have getting most of your college experience.  This means getting involved in ways that are meaningful.


Quick Resume Tips

Experienced professonals can normalyl identify candidates that have heavily invested in their resumes from those who have not. Here are  few simple guidelines to asses whether your resume is recruiter ready.

While reviewing your resume, consider the following:

 Have I used the phrases “responsible for” or “handled” any where on my document?

If you have, REMOVE them.  It is implied that you are “responsible for” everything on your document.

Handled fails to convey any detail or particular skills. What employer is going to hire you for your ability to “handle”?

Will he or she indicate to HR, “I need a candidate that can handle”?

These phrases are weak and best replaced with verbs that indicate your ability to add value to an employer.

Is my education listed in the following format:                                                                             

Name of The School- Special School/ Nursing Business/Engineering [City, State]

Bachelor of Science/Arts in  [Insert Major]    May 2011   G.P.A  3.5

This format allows you to provide the recruiter the most pertinent information quickly and early.  Remember as a college student your education is usually listed upfront after  your objective if you decide to use one.

Have I used bullets to emphasize my accomplishments and achievements?

Bullets help to break up blocks of writing and make it easier for your points to stand out.

Have I  highlighted my accomplishment and achievements? 

This is the essence of a modern resume. Indicate the quantity, scope, range or outcome of particular project or task.

Be specific and state what you did objectively so that  your accomplishments and achievements are not left open to interpretation.

If I am using an objective is it clear?

Objectives should be straight forward. If the reader cannot indentify a “specific” job title or target then you have written too much of nothing.

Are my “relevant courses” really relevant?

Whatever your major all other students in that area has also taken those courses.  This is only a space filler.  

Or if you are interested in a particular area and your courses rather than your major supports your candidacy feel free to list those “related” courses.

Remember nothing can replace the energy and effort that you give to this  document and your overall internship/employment search campaign.