• One hour presentations to equip your high school students with the tools and information necessary to manage their careers as they transition from high school to  higher education.  This is particularly useful for first generation college students.

Workshops and Personal Coaching on Areas of Career Management:

  • Professional Development: Soft Skills/Surviving & Thriving during the internship and the first 90 days on the job
  • Effective Resume & Cover Letter Writing- Preparing accomplishment driven documents that showcase results.
  • Interview Skills: The employment conversation: Can you do the job? Will you do the job? Do you fit in?


  • Developing your organization’s new graduate recruiting program. Selecting your target or core schools and making a case for the program
  • Creating an internal strategy to recruit and retain new graduates and current college students. Allocating resources to meet the needs of targeted schools
  • Structure a process to support candidates and new graduate hires.

Contact me to discuss customizing your training or strategic program management  needs.



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