How Are You Showcasing Your Talents and Interests?

Have something to showcase.

Have something to showcase.

What steps are you taking today to achieve your ultimate career goal?

What projects are you pursuing that demonstrates your commitment to your stated area of interest?

What are you doing to prove that you are more than just talk?

For example if you have an interest in fashion how does your resume  and experience showcase your dedication to this area?  What have you done that  illustrates your passion and excitement for this field?  For example have you interned with any designers?  Do you write or contribute to fashion blogs?  How about a YouTube show where you discuss  fashion trends?  It isn’t enough to have lofty and exciting goals, you must also demonstrate your commitment to these goals based on your activities. Your activities serve to a potential employer as proof of your stated area of interest.  If you can’t  showcase your interest then it’s just talk.

Have You Visited The Dentist Recently?

Oral health care is a very important part of personal branding.  The care or lack thereof that you have for your mouth is apparent on your face.  The rule of thumb is to brush twice daily, floss regularly and visit your dentist every six months. These are the easiest and most straightforward approaches to avoid tartar, tooth decay and halotosis (bad breath).  Your oral health also impacts your body’s overall health as well and poor oral health may be indicative that something isn’t quite right.  Remember to take into consideration your  mouth and teeth when you think about your appearance.

Create Your Own Opportunity

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Do you have an interest  in a particular profession or industry and you are unsure of  exactly how to gain exposure to this area?  I would like to suggest that you create an externship.  An externship  usually lasts between 1 day and 1 week.  It’s  an opportunity to shadow a business professional and/ or observe their work environment. It is also a way for employers to get a preview of  how you would function within their company while providing you some exposure to a particular field of interest. Some times companies offer structured externship programs and other times they don’t.  If you are interested in a particular company or industry I’d like to invite you to create your own externship, don’t wait for an employer to offer one to you.  Determine the industry that you would like to work. Research companies in that field.  Locate the appropriate HR representative and/ or hiring manager.  Explain to them that you would like an opportunity to observe the nature of the profession or the work that is being performed in order to  gain some insight as to whether or not the industry or career is an ideal fit for you.   Create an outline of the job functions that you would like to see performed. Some companies will agree and others will not, however this is a useful tool for learning directly from professionals in the field.  It is also a great way to develop your personal contact network while demonstrating that you are proactive about your professional development.

Collect Don’t Accept

Keep calm collect

Collect many accept one

It is perfectly acceptable to collect multiple offers from employers.  After all, the goal is to collect as many as offers as possible, review your options and make the decision that is most suitable for your needs. Collecting offers should not be confused with accepting offers.  Accepting an offer is a verbal or written agreement to join an organization as an intern, co-op or full-time employee.  It is NOT OK to accept more than one offer with competing starting dates.  For many schools this constitutes a violation of their offer acceptance policy. Accepting multiple offers reflects poorly on your  professional reputation and academic institution. It is also  unethical.  Engage in your search efforts with vigor, enthusiasm and the goal of securing at least one offer that is suitable to your needs, however refrain from agreeing to join more than one company in positions that have similar or competing start dates.   Collect as many offers as you can and ACCEPT only ONE.

It’s Not All About You

Stake holder table

Your Actions Impact Others

When you participate in your school’s on-campus recruiting program you represent yourself, your school, your career services center, fellow students and alumni.  You contribute not only to the development of your personal reputation you also aid in how others perceive your institution of higher learning.  If you value your education you will take the necessary care to guard how you conduct yourself particularly  if you are a student who is currently enrolled.  It is very important that you behave in a way that reflects positively upon all parties who may be impacted by your actions.   It is isn’t only important to be active on campus, dress appropriately, participate in  events and prepare for interviews for you, it is important to the reputation of your school.  If you demonstrate to employers that you are a candidate of high caliber they will be very willing to revisit your school to find other students like you. You’ve invested quite a bit in your college education, protect your investment by considering how your actions impact all stake holders who are involved in the campus recruiting program.