How Are You Showcasing Your Talents and Interests?

Have something to showcase.

Have something to showcase.

What steps are you taking today to achieve your ultimate career goal?

What projects are you pursuing that demonstrates your commitment to your stated area of interest?

What are you doing to prove that you are more than just talk?

For example if you have an interest in fashion how does your resume  and experience showcase your dedication to this area?  What have you done that  illustrates your passion and excitement for this field?  For example have you interned with any designers?  Do you write or contribute to fashion blogs?  How about a YouTube show where you discuss  fashion trends?  It isn’t enough to have lofty and exciting goals, you must also demonstrate your commitment to these goals based on your activities. Your activities serve to a potential employer as proof of your stated area of interest.  If you can’t  showcase your interest then it’s just talk.


The Business Dress Fund

Save for your business dress.

Save for your business dress.

Attire is often dictated by the industry, culture of the organization and the nature of the work that you perform.  It is important no matter what career you pursue that you create a business wardrobe. Even in very casual environments there may come a time when you will need to wear a business suit or formal business attire.  Thinking about your business wardrobe ahead of time will prevent you from being caught off  guard.

Sometimes as a student disposable income is not easy to acquire, yet dressing for the part that you want  will ultimately increase your ability to generate additional income. Whatever it is you are earning at the moment remember to put aside a small portion each time you get paid to create a business dress fund.  Look for sales, thrift stores and lay-away options in stores to maximize  your dollars.  Seek out classic and conservative pieces that will last for more than a season.  An investment in your wardrobe is an investment in your professional development, the sooner you begin the sooner you will reap the rewards.

The Interview is In- House: Should I Wear a Suit?

Skirt or Pant suits are acceptable for women

Absolutely!  Don’t assume because  the individuals with whom you have been working are familiar with your performance that you should treat the interview as anything but a formal meeting.  The goal of the interview is to position yourself in the best possible light and demonstrate to your colleagues that  you possess the greatest level of professional acumen and decorum. When you interview for a position internally you should treat is it as if you are interviewing for a brand new position.  You want to showcase that of all the internal candidates you are the “best suited” to take on this role (pun intended).

In addition the suit will command a distinct response from your coworkers who may be more accustomed to seeing you in more casual attire. It also demonstrates to them that you take the new role seriously.   You know the saying goes “Dress for the position that you want.”   The worst case scenario is that you will be over dressed and if you believe the suit is excessive you can always remove your jacket.

Have You Visited The Dentist Recently?

Oral health care is a very important part of personal branding.  The care or lack thereof that you have for your mouth is apparent on your face.  The rule of thumb is to brush twice daily, floss regularly and visit your dentist every six months. These are the easiest and most straightforward approaches to avoid tartar, tooth decay and halotosis (bad breath).  Your oral health also impacts your body’s overall health as well and poor oral health may be indicative that something isn’t quite right.  Remember to take into consideration your  mouth and teeth when you think about your appearance.

I Shouldn’t Be Able to Smell You

Fragrance Gloss DailyI can tell that you think that your perfume or cologne is awesome based on the copious amounts that you have sprayed on your body. Yet, your fragrance is only for you and anyone that gets extremely close to you.  I would avoid strong fragrances during the interview because your interviewer may be allergic or find the scent offensive.  If a person can smell the scent of your body or clothing sitting across from you, you’ve gone overboard in one direction or another.

No one within a 2 feet radius should be able to smell your body odor whether good or bad.  For unpleasant body odor the simple solution is a minimum of one shower daily and the use of deodorants.  To minimize the overpowering effect of  manufactured scents the rule of thumb is generally one spritz  or dab behind each ear or on each wrist.

This is a gentle reminder for those who know and a subtle way to message those who may be unaware.