Career Management

In my experience most people don’t actively engage in shaping the movement and direction of their chosen occupation.  People just “end up” in jobs.  Career management is a a proactive process that encourages you to actively think about  the direction of your career and the steps that you can take in the moment to achieve your desired end results.    It is the approach that encourages you to make your career happen rather than waiting for it to happen to you.   In fact career development is achieved  through effective career management.  Simply stated: It is actively shaping the movement and  development of your chosen occupation.”

To facilitate effective career management we need to get back to basics. No matter what you study, whether you are seeking to work for an employer or work for yourself, the foundations of professional brand development are essential.

I have over 12 years of experience working with college students and employers seeking to hire students. During this time I’v observed specific needs that can be addressed by educating job seekers about the trends in the contemporary job market; in addition, I’ve have also learned strategies on best practices for employers in connecting with their respective target audiences.

Build Brand You is my effort to contribute information on how to craft and show case your ability to add value. This blog offers insights into the fundamentals of professional development.


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