How Are You Developing You?

07_12_10-10-Rules-for-Beginning-Your-New-Job-on-the-Right-FootI know that sometimes it’s easy to get complacent in the roles that we choose, however I want to encourage you to consider: “If I were to lose this job today, what other positions am I capable of assuming?”  An unpleasant thought I know, but one that I hope will assist you in evaluating your skills, knowledge and abilities as they relate to the demands of the job market.  Are the skills, knowledge and abilities that you possess transferable to a viable position that will offer similar or greater compensation?  If they are not consider pursuing opportunities for enhancing these areas.

The good new is you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to acquire new skills.  Sometimes it’s as simply as reading a book or industry publications.  You can volunteer your time to an organization and use your volunteerism as a platform to grow in your target areas.  Check out your local library and see  if there are any courses being offered and of course you can always check out the books and teach yourself something new.  If you are willing  and able to expend  financial resources take a look at what classes are being offered at your local community college.  Always consider the importance of developing yourself for the purpose of remaining a candidate of choice.


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