College is MORE Than Books, Beer and Sleep

Do a little of this and lots of the job search…

Sleeping until noon, weekends that begin on Fridays and the privilege of studying are among the perks of undergraduate life, yet a benefit that is often overlooked is the employers who descend on college campuses each academic year to recruit the best and brightest for their respective companies.  In fact many students ignore this access to opportunity all together.  My suggestion: DONT.  Chances are if you are enrolled at a college or University in the United States there are companies looking for you. Take advantage of their willingness to woo you.   In order to  be wooed you have to be present. Show up. This may  require that you sleep a little less, invest time into your job search and  wait until the Friday career fairs end before you begin your weekend, but the pay off in the form of  job offer or internship  is worth it  don’t you  think?


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