Do You Enjoy Your Major ?

Courtesy Diana-Potrus

Courtesy Diana-Potrus

A lot of students pursue major areas of study for reason other than their love and passion for the subject.  If you are one of those students chances are your lack of love is reflected in your grades. Your major is like most things in life if you don’t love it you will avoid it and as a result refuse to give it the time and attention that it deserves.  This will be evident in your grades.  While grades are not a measure of intelligence they are a measure of how much time and effective effort you give to a particular area.  Usually the more time and effort you spend on something the better you will be.

For many students average grades in your major area of study means 1. you are average in the area that you have chosen to devote the most of time in studying 2.  You are not giving it much time or serious effort.  Would you  hire someone to perform average work in an area that they claim to love?  If not, why would an employer pay you a salary for average effort in an area  in which you have majored.  Pursue something that you and enjoy and supplement what your major does not teach you with other activities and involvement on and off campus.   If you enjoy your major it will be evident.  You’ll  enjoy  your undergraduate experience so much more.


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