I Wish Someone Would Just Give Me A Chance

Start Looking Today

It is up to you                                                                                                                                              

No one is going to give you chance. Employers don’t have the luxury of giving out chances when there are so many qualified candidates who can actually perform the essential functions of their jobs.  With so many people with the knowledge, skills and abilities to work why should someone give YOU a chance?  As if people are in business to give out chances, no most people are in business to  generate revenue and that is not done by taking pity on the under qualified and giving them a chance.   Your goal as a worker in this economy is to ensure that you remain abreast with the demands of the  job market in order to equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and abilities employers find valuable. Rather than focusing on people giving you a chance, give your attention to what you have to offer that will contribute to the productivity of an organization. If you discover that you are sorely lacking in knowledge, skills and abilities that would be valuable in the contemporary  market place take on the task of  training your self to improve your marketability.


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