Opportunities for Historically Underrepresented Groups

OpportunityThere are quite a few companies who are now offering opportunities for Historically Underrepresented Groups (H.U.G.S).   HUGS are typically groups of people who have not had significant representations within a particular industry.  For instance in some areas such as beauty men or males are considered a   Historically Under Represented Group.   Within the field of banking HUGS are many times defined as  Latino, Native and African Americans  as these are groups that do not typically have  as strong presence within this space.   To assist in increasing the number of qualified candidates many companies often host programs in order to introduce students to opportunities within this space. Usually they are all expenses  paid trips to the locations of the host organizations where students are exposed to vary career functions within the respective organizations. These programs often target rising sophomores and rising juniors enrolled  in college.  If you are currently a freshman or a sophomore now is great time to connect with your school career services office to see what companies have these programs available.

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are accepting applications for these programs.

Take a look at their websites if you are interested.


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