What Are Your Top 5 Values




Are you working in alignment with your values?  Values are your standard of right and wrong.  They represent the guidelines by which you conduct your life.  Values are often dictated by, religion, culture and society, yet each individual has a choice in determining those values which are most important to them. Your values can be  CAREER, EDUCATION, FAMILY, HEALTH/FITNESS,  HONESTY, MONEY, RELIGION, SPIRITUALITY, RELIGION, or WEALTH.  The list of values are infinite.  Your values  can shift over time  and based on your specific circumstances.  They rarely disappear, however they receive priority based on the context of your life.

I remember reading a quote from matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson that  said something along the lines of , you can tell a person’s values by where they spend their time and their money. Once I read that quote I thought I could not agree more. Talk is cheap but you can assess what a person finds important based how they allocate these very limited resources.

When a person  lives a life in alignment with their values they are living a life of integrity. Living a life of integrity simply means that  what you find to be important can be seen or observed in your daily conduct.   I have learned that identifying your top 5 values are very helpful in making both  simple and difficult choices. Your values can serve as the baseline for  assessing your own  personal and professional conduct .

While we believe that we earn money from our occupations for many of us we must first spend money to pursue a specific vocation. We most certainly have to spend time and energy in this area.   As you consider where you wish to exert your money, time and effort I hope that you will take  some time to first determine your top 5 values.  I also hope that you will be able to answer whether you are spending money, time and effort in a career that is in alignment with your values. This will ultimately help you to determine if you are living or working  with  integrity.


2 thoughts on “What Are Your Top 5 Values

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Aligning with our values is the key to being fully engaged in our work. Talk is cheap, which is why it’s a great idea to share examples that illustrate how you live your values when you’re in a job interview situation, for example.

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