You May Have to Broaden Your Outlook



There are certain occupations that generate a great deal of pride and esteem.  While others a are met with  reluctance and  even disdain.  For college students many don’t find  careers in retail or sales appealing, yet these are the areas that are highly suitable for new grads with limited experience. Some people believe that they are lowering their standards if they enter a profession within sales or retail  and so they often ignore these areas as career options.

In my experience  many opportunities offered to college graduates will be within the sales function in a variety of industries. Individuals who can thrive in a sales role often learn many skills that are transferable across a range of sectors. For many companies the sales role is the first point of entry into the organization that can lead to a variety of career options.  For any business to succeed sales must occur. It is a crucial function and useful in every industry.

Retail management is also an area that is often overlooked by new graduates, yet many established companies offer programs specific to new graduates where they teach you how to run your own business.  When people think of retail they envision a part time job  folding shirts and hanging up clothes, yet today’s retail management recruiters are seeking dynamic leaders to manager their teams and meet business goals.

If you find yourself searching with little  prospects I strongly encourage  you shift your standards and pursue an opportunity with a reputable organization that is willing to train you in a sales or retail management function.  Once you open up your search criteria to include these job functions you will find that there are many jobs available.


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