Is It Illegal, Immoral or Unethical?

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During your career you will be faced with a variety of scenarios that make you feel uncomfortable.  You will have to make a decision as to how to proceed. Your choices may not be clear or obvious yet you will have to make a choice on how to act.  During these moments I urge you to ask your self the following:  Is it illegal, immoral or unethical? If the answer to any of these questions is yes consider the short and long-term consequence of your actions.   Think of the impact on your co-workers, your personal integrity, friends and family. Have a conversation with your direct supervisor.  Make it clear that you are uncomfortable with the request that has been made of you.  Ask for additional clarification as to why you are being asked to perform tasks that may be inappropriate.  Consider whether you want to place yourself and your professional reputation at risk for the sake of  maintaining your employment.   Your work should enrich your life and allow you the opportunity to develop, not place your personal freedom or morals in jeopardy.  Be mindful about protecting yourself and  working with integrity.


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