Saying No Nicely

Just say no

Just say no

Many students  will have the good fortune of having to decline an offer; what a great problem to have. It may be an uncomfortable feeling  to have to say no to a recruiter especially if you have developed rapport and relationship with them over time.   I recommend thanking your recruiter for the opportunity. Express your appreciation that they thought enough of you to extend an offer for you to join their organization.  Let them know that you have taken into consideration the opportunity most closely aligned with  your needs and as a result you’ve agreed to join another organization.  Most recruiters will be disappointed, however if you provide ample notice that you will not  accept their offer they should have enough time to find another candidate to fill the opening. It is very important that you contact the recruiter the moment you decide that you will join another organization.  Be gracious, courteous and kind. You should also take steps to maintain contact with the recruiter as this is now an individual who is a part of your personal contact network


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