Don’t Say Yes Unless It’s A Job You Really Want

Don't  just accept any offer

Don’t just accept any offer

If  you get an offer from one company there is a good chance that other companies will also extend an offer to you (particularly if it’s early in the Fall semester).  This is especially true if you are a student with strong GPA, who is active on campus and pursuing fields with a limited number of graduates.  Although it may be tempting to accept the first offer you receive don’t say yes unless it’s a job that you really want.  Take a look at the job duties, hiring manager, location and compensation.  Be honest with yourself if you had other options would you choose this position?  If the answer is NO I’d like to invite you to politely decline the offer and continue the job search.   I know it’s comforting to accept something as opposed to risk getting nothing, however don’t create a bad situation for yourself by agreeing to an offer that you really don’t want.  Once you agree to join a company  verbally or in writing that decision is binding.  Employers will cease recruiting candidates for that position.  Some of you are thinking that you will accept the offer as a safety and change your mind if  you find something more to your liking, however this option is considered highly unethical.  It also does severe damage to your professional reputation and the reputation of the school.  In addition it potentially prevents another student from within your school from receiving that offer.  Seek guidance and counsel from staff within your career services center, ultimately you will have to make the decision that is best for you, however you must be careful to act ethically.


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