It’s Not All About You

Stake holder table

Your Actions Impact Others

When you participate in your school’s on-campus recruiting program you represent yourself, your school, your career services center, fellow students and alumni.  You contribute not only to the development of your personal reputation you also aid in how others perceive your institution of higher learning.  If you value your education you will take the necessary care to guard how you conduct yourself particularly  if you are a student who is currently enrolled.  It is very important that you behave in a way that reflects positively upon all parties who may be impacted by your actions.   It is isn’t only important to be active on campus, dress appropriately, participate in  events and prepare for interviews for you, it is important to the reputation of your school.  If you demonstrate to employers that you are a candidate of high caliber they will be very willing to revisit your school to find other students like you. You’ve invested quite a bit in your college education, protect your investment by considering how your actions impact all stake holders who are involved in the campus recruiting program.


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