Honor Your Word

Show up to your scheduled interview

Show up to your scheduled interview

If you have an interview be sure to show up.  Unless there is a life or death emergency there is no reason for you not to agree to honor your word and meet with your interviewer.   As you embark upon your professional career all of your interactions contribute to the creation of your personal brand and reputation.  Be careful to do what it is you say you are going to do.  When you fail to honor your agreement to participate in an on-campus interview you waste the interviewer’s time, damage the reputation of your school and  prevent a fellow student in your school from interviewing for the same opportunity.   Most schools will have a policy that will allow you to withdraw your appointment  as late 48 hours before the schedule interview as this will allow sufficient time for another student to fill the newly open slot.  Even if you change your mind about the job you should go to the interview if it is beyond the withdrawal deadline.  This will demonstrate that you are a professional who honors their word. You never know, during the interview you may learn something new.


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