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You are on fire!

Do you realize that when you have an offer from another company it is usually a good idea to let companies with which you are interviewing know?  Many times students are reluctant to share the fact that they have outstanding offers with other organizations when they should be very open with this information.  A recruiter who is aware that other companies have you on their radar may be prompted to alert respective hiring managers to expedite various stages of the on-campus recruiting process.  As a result of you divulging that you have an offer with another company a recruiter may be able to give you an update on the status of your candidacy much sooner or move your interview date up.

For instance you be able to say ” I know that I don’t have second round interviews schedule for at least another two weeks, however I just received an offer and the decision is due  on the same day as my second round interviews with you.  Of course I’d like to be considered for an opportunity with your company, however is there any way that we can move up the date for my second round interviews?”   Most recruiters want to be aware of the other organizations that have an interest in you  as this will help them strategize their recruitment efforts.  It’s also a great tool for you as it demonstrates that you are a highly desirable candidate.   Be open with your recruiters, just as you want to work for the best company they want to hire the best candidates.  What better way  than to share you are being wooed by other companies to demonstrate to good you are?


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