Don’t Make the Mistake of Wearing a Suit

I recently learned Google thinks it’s perfectly fine to wear jeans and t-shirts to interviews for positions in the company. The company culture dictates that you should be relaxed and your attire should reflect a great level of comfort. This is contrary to EVERYTHING I know about appropriate dress for an interview. This essentially means a student in a suit would have bombed the Google interview based on appearance. The interviewers would immediately assess that the student had very little knowledge about the culture of the organization. They would probably have presumed the student didn’t research the organization. While a conservative (not black) suit is considered ideal company’s such as Google remind us that a suit is not always the best option. It is crucial that you research the companies in which you have an interest. Learn as much as you can about the company BEFORE you interview, because you don’t want to make the mistake of wearing a suit when jeans and a t-shirt will be just fine.


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