You’re Expired: Once You Graduate

Courtesy Urban Bliss Life

One of  may  last posts was about the  college recruitment cycle and how  objectives were  met at specific times during the academic year and a student’s overall academic career.    I was working with a college student today,  elaborating on how once he graduated he would no longer have  the special status of “student”.  The moment he receives his college diploma he is no longer deemed viable by many organizations seeking new graduates.  He responded “Wow, this is crazy! It’s like you’ve expired.”  I paused and then agreed, “Yes,” that’s one way to look at it.”

The college recruiting landscape is special for many reason  but one reason in particular is that this moment is fleeting.   Job seekers must strike at the ideal point to make sure that they are fully exploiting their status as college students.   Once you graduate the game changes and companies that would have wooed you during your sophomore through junior years have now determined that you do not fit their current hiring demographic.  It is really crucial to a successful college recruiting job search process that you take advantage of  your time as a college student by exploring  as many career options and opportunities as possible .     Once those 8  (plus or minus 1) semesters  are gone you can’t get that time back  so take advantage of them before the opportunity expires.


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