Keep College Info to Yourself After You Graduate

Transition From Student to Professional

If you are at least a year out of college your only reference to college should be your degree. The refrain of employers is typically what have you done lately, not what you did  you do as an undergrad. If you don’t have anything new to include on your resume that will be interpreted as you have not done anything since you graduated.  After college you want to get involved within and outside of your organization.   In addition to mastering your role within your organization you must also remember to have a  life outside of work and be sure that you have the ability to articulate share that information.

Remember to move your education section to the bottom of your resume, it should no longer be towards the top.   The idea is to emphasize the information that will make you most desirable as you are transitioning into the professional space.  At this time you are now competing with other skilled workers and constant references to your undergraduate years undermines your ability to establish yourself as a professional.  The same attributes of networking, community involvement, and preparedness that helped you secure your first professional opportunity are usually going to be just as helpful in advancing your career.


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