What Are You Going to Do With a History Major: Open a History Store?

History Store is Now Open

Let’s face it if you are history major you are probably not going to open a history store when you graduate, but that doesn’t mean your job search is hopeless.  College students often look for employment based on their majors overlooking the  key  component of the job search: SKILLS.  Most companies  are primarily focused on skills. It doesn’t matter your major as long as you can demonstrate your ability to perform the  essential functions of the job.  Focus less on your discipline and more on skills that you possess.   Perform a skills assessment, how do you manage data, people and things?  Do you have analytical interpersonal, and organizational abilities?  Conduct your job search using these examples as keywords and you will be surprised to see how many opportunities emerge.  Review these job descriptions and determine which are most closely aligned with what it is  that you wish to do.

Now with whatever major you choose you can spend some time developing the abilities that employers find desirable.  Be sure to showcase  these skills within your resume by doing more than stating you have these skills. Remember to provide evidence of your accomplishments and achievements within the context of how you have utilized  and developed the most desirable skill sets.  Give the reader concrete examples of your leadership, quantitative, multitasking and other abilities.


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