You Are Not Getting Over If Your Job Consists of Doing Nothing All Day

Don't let this be the only word you have on your resume.

You are losing out tremendously if you find that you are not being challenged at work.   A lot of people tend to believe that they are “getting over” on their employer because the job is “easy” or they are getting paid for exerting minimal effort.  Well the truth is that you are rendering yourself useless.  Work should be an opportunity to do just that: WORK. It’s  what you do to develop your skills, knowledge and abilities.  It should be challenging, not to the point of frustration but sufficiently to ensure that you are growing both personally and professionally. If your response to “what do you do all day?” is nothing, I encourage you to get a new gig or find some new responsibilities  ASAP.  I don’t know of any employers who hire people with “nothing ” as a list of accomplishments on their resumes. In fact, if you attempt to write  your resume and find that you are unable to identify a few significant contributions that you have made to your current employer I  guarantee your future boss will presume that you may also have difficulty adding value to his or her organization.    Use your work to grow both personally and professionally not as an opportunity to get paid for doing nothing.


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