Take Action: Start Looking For Your Next Job NOW!

Start Looking Today

Most people usually engage in the job search  when their positions are threatened.  For  many our job search is usually prompted by  factors that  are external to us.  For instance, we may dislike our bosses  or our positions may be eliminated with layoff or we find ourselves jobless due to termination.  The career management is ground in the idea that you should seek new opportunities not when  your employment is stressful  or threatened but when all is well. No, I don’t  mean that you should run out and look for a job when everything is going well at work, however I do believe that you should passively seek employment at every stage of your career . Dont wait for your boss or anyone else to define your career path.   Spend  a few moments each day or week  considering what your ideal job. Think for a moment on what will your next role.   Then create a list of the skills ,degree, certificate or other credential required for the opportunity and take active steps to develop your self in these areas.  Also consider enhancing your personal contact network and be sure that you are aligning yourself with professional in your  field or those associated with your target opportunity.   

With the development of online job  search tools and technology this approach to managing your career is easier than ever.  Use the internet to research local affiliates of professional organizations, upload your resume to job boards such as Career Builder and Monster and expand your contact network with sites such as Linked In.  The general premise is that if your employment were ever threatened for any reason you have systematically laid the foundation to secure a new opportunity without feeling stressed or prompted by external factors.  If  you do this really well, others will contact you when a position of interest becomes available.  Plus, If you are really happy in your current role you will be able to say “Thanks, but no thanks”.   Take control of your professional life by taking active steps today to prepare yourself for your next job.

Special gratitude to the woman today who said “you don’t post enough”.  I felt truly encouraged. THANK YOU.           I dedicate this post to you.


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