Don’t Give UP!

I know a few students out there are still in the market for internships and full-time opportunities and with the  academic year scheduled to end within the next month the temptation to quit  the search looms large. My suggestion, don’t give up! I’ve received request from employers for candidates for both internships and full time opportunities within the last week alone.  Many companies are still in need of candidates.  You may have to expand your horizons and seek out the unfamiliar. You may also have to agree to volunteer with a firm or non-profit for the experience and not the pay.

 Continue to search.  Check your school’s career management platform (CSO, Erecruiting or Symplicity) for new postings.  Connect with Career services counselors  to see if they know of any open opportunities. Talk to your class mates and ask  if they know of anything  that may be available.  Just like students wait until the last minute, sometimes employers find themselves with opportunities to fill at the end of the school year.  Keep on keeping on.  Don’t give up!


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