Acceptance in to College Means “You’ve Made it”: NOT!

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Many  people  erroneously believe that a college education is a magic ticket to success.  Some students are under the false impression that once they get to college: that  is it!  They have made it. College means a  one way ticket to SUCCESS! Most  parents incorrectly conclude that their children will get a  good education, and  a good job.  Within some communities high school graduation rates are about 50%  so for  many families a college degree is the ultimate symbol of success.  In fact, this myth plays out within a  classic form: Child graduates high school, parents/family encourages the student to get good grades so that he or she can get a good job.  The student focuses solely on school and nothing more. Or the student focuses on work to pay for school and little else.  Unfortunately  with this scenario the student has surrendered a unique opportunity to connect with the various mechanisms to develop him or herself holistically. They have also forfeited the  chance to communicate directly with representatives from various organizations that target new college graduates for employment opportunities.  

 The only  thing that will enhance or improve a student’s  ( or anyone else’s) chance of having a job is the effort and energy  that they exert toward that process.  Going to class and getting good grades is the bare minimum that a college student should do.   Also you will be far more competitive if  by senior year your  extracurricular activities consists of  more than a job as a camp counselor, server, landscaper, babysitter or bartender.   Most companies that recruit college students are looking for students with  demonstrated leadership, interpersonal, communication, analytical and critical thinking abilities. This can be achieved in a  variety of ways including  research projects, leadership development programs, community service and  executive positions within any campus organization.  

Admissions to a four college is simply that. It guarantees you nothing.  CORRECTION, it guarantees you the opportunity to compete with  tens of thousands  of other students throughout the country to become a candidate of choice at one of  America’s colleges or university.  It does not mean you have made it; it means you have some more work that needs to be done.


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