Where Do I Begin?

At the beginging.

Write your resume. Even if you are are unaware of your job target you can write a resume that highlights the best of what you offer.   Emphasize your interpersonal, leadership, quantitative, analytical skills or those attributes  that you find exemplary about yourself.

Research companies of interest. Which companies?  It’s as simple as looking at the food you eat, the clothes you wear the car you drive and the products that you use.  Who is the maker, manufacturer or organization that is responsible for  these items?

What areas or industry do you find appealing?  Management, finance, retail, energy, marketing, social media, education, non profit, food service, hospitatlity, politics or entertainment? 

Your career search is as simple as  a Google search.  Type in  your the fields that you find interesting. Opportunites or job descriptions will emerge.   Review these job descriptions and determine what aspects you find  intersting. Take note. You will gain sense of what  opportunities are available and what employers find important.   From this process  you should be able to articulate the companies and areas that you find most interesting or compelling.  While you may not have a job title you can get a sense of the skills that you possess versus the ones you need to develop.  You will also have a better understanding of the opportunities that exist in the market.


2 thoughts on “Where Do I Begin?

  1. Analysis paralysis can get the best of us when we’re in a high stakes situation — and finding the right career path certainly qualifies as “high stakes.”

    Your first-things-first approach is a great method for getting past that paralysis. It even has the potential of creating some energetic momentum once we discover the potential opportunities that my be just beyond our noses.


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