A College Degree Isn’t Enough

You need more than a degree

In my opinion the most common mistake that college students make with regards to the job/internship search process is  waiting to engage in the job search. Many believe that their degree and resume is enough to secure an opportunity and as a result  they underestimate the time and effort required to obtain a good opportunity. Some wait until AFTER they graduate to look for a job and  are confounded to learn employers need more than a college education. Keep in mind that there are millions of students in America with a similar credential so it’s important to use your time in college to develop yourself holistically.  Your job search begins while you are in college not AFTER you graduate.  By that time you have forfeited a strategic advantage that is afforded college students: employers’ willingness to invest a significant amout of resources to recruit you.  Study abroad, internships, community service and campus organizations are some of the many ways that you can develop the knowledge, skills and abilities that employers deem desirable.  Determine what what you find most interesting and immerse yourself in that area. Ultimately your goal is  to develop  yourself beyond your coursework. This will be best achieved if you start early. Begin by visiting your school’s career center.


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