Want to Appear Professional? Manage Your Appearance

Some people would wear this to work!

I know this may seem trite, but based on my recent observations there are many individuals who fail to give their  professional appearance the attention it deserves. Some of us have been on the job for some time so we  get comfortable and relaxed and allow our professional appearance to  do the same. For some reason many people believe it’s a good idea to attend professional events  looking less than professional. We confuse the clothing we wear to our houses of worship or the club  with clothing that should be worn for business. While recruiters or managers may not mention your attire to you directly,  they note when it is  inappropriate.  They notice if your clothing is torn, ripped or wrinkled. They eye your chipped nail polish and dry hands.  They will note whether your  shoes are polished or if your heels are worn.  They pay attention to those who believe casual friday includes flips flops, tights, sweat pants or jeans with holes.  They draw conclusions about the sloppiness of your hair and about the fragrance that emanates from your person.  Managing your brand  is sometimes as simple as managing the way you look. Don’t underestimate the importance of  the importance of how you look when you present your self as a professional to any one any where. Let’s face it,  if your look is less than professional most people will assume the same about you.

A professional attire doesn’t have to be costly or extensive. For most of us a few key pieces  is all that is required:

Business Basics

Classic pieces are timeless


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