Set Easy Career Goals for 2011

Set Easy Goals for the Upcoming Year

 2011 is quickly approaching what are your career plans for the upcoming year?  Don’t make resolutions, set  small goals and give yourself deadlines for their  accomplishment.  If you are at a loss as to where to begin one idea could be to make  make yourself more valuable or marketable  in the upcoming year.  One great way to do this  is to enroll in a class that will produce a tangible outcome. For instance you can take a course that will provide you with a skill, knowledge or credential that is in high demand.   You may also consider revamping your resume to be sure it is reflective of what you are doing now and demonstrates what you can do in the future.   Your plan may be as simple as purchasing new suit,  pair of work shoes or getting a new hair style  to update your look.  Or you can create a LinkedIn profile as a way to expand your professional nextwork.  Set goals that are easy to reach and as you achieve your desired  objectives you will boost your  confidence for attaining greater targets.


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