9 Job Offers!

One of my students had 9 job offers.  I have’nt seen numbers like that since 2005 (even back then that was rare).  So when people tell me how horrible the economy is and  that there are no jobs out there, I think about her story.  There are jobs out there for candidates with skills, knowledge and attributes that are in high demand.  Even with stellar credentials  the candidate must also be willing to exert a great deal of effort.    Jobs wont come to you, at times you have to go to them.  I know it’s a challenge and employers are taking more time to ensure that they hire the right candidate, but  dont give up, the right position is out there and with some patience and tenacity you will persevere.  Let’s face it you don’t need 9 offers you only need the right one; but it’s pretty cool that she was able to snag 9 isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “9 Job Offers!

    • Hi Moses:
      She’s an accounting major.
      Impressive right? Even though she had stellar credentials she was aggressive and proactively in seeking out companies.

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