The President Can’t Get You a Job

I know during this economy many people have been hit particularly hard with the loss of employment and some are even blaming the President  or  politicians for  the historic unemployment rate.  While politicians are a convenient scapegoats because of many campaign platforms which tout the ability to create jobs, your employment or lack thereof is not their responsibility. 

 I recently read an article which states that there are over 3 million job openings in the country and the reason is because employers cannot find candidates with the appropriate skills sets.  Largely due to the need to control cost as a result of the recession employers want multiple skill sets and certifications in one candidate. Rather than settle employers are willing to wait to find the ideal candidate with all the credentials they seek.   

 Many people will spend hundreds or thousands on shoes, clothes, cars  and getaways, but few are willing to invest in the training required to  acquire new skills or certifications. Others are employed at companies who offer training or reimbursement for training courses yet we allow everything to interfere with our ability to take advantage of this resource.  I invite everyone to do what you can to learn something new, not just within the next six months but always.  It may mean the difference between staying employed or  the unemployment line.   Here’s the link to article below:

Employer Demands Means Some Jobs Go Unfilled


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