Make Yourself Indespensable

Each person is responsible for managing their careers in the same way they manage other aspects of their lives. Most people think about a new job only when their current postion is threatened.  Your career should not be on your mind only when you need a new job or find your current position in jeopardy, ideally it should be tune with your life and your values.  Always consider, how can I make myself indespensable to my employer in a way that exemplifies or represents my beliefs?  What do I, or can I offer that that no onelse possesses?  With the instability of the job market it is those employees who are seen as essential that will be kept during a downsize or layoff.  Moreover those who are inclined to find employment immediately after being let go have the skills or credentials that employer deem highly desirable.

What have you done to enhance a particular skill or ability within the past  6 months? How much time have you devoted to your personal and professional development in the past year?    The five grand you spend on vacation may reap a greater reward if you invest those funds into a professional training program rather than a tan.  Nothing is garaunteed or safe  so  consider doing yourself a favor and spend some time making your self a brand of choice by developing in an area that will make you a valuable assest to any employer and ulitmately to your family.


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