WhyBlack Suits Are a Bad Idea for Personal Branding

I know in the collective imagination  a black suit symbolizes the: power suit.  The one piece of clothing that EVERY COLLEGE student should own, for me it’s  symbolic of  a  lack of personal branding.  A sea of college students all dressed in black looks more like a funeral  than a career event. The lone student who opts for conservative hues in shades, of charcoal, grey and navy will be more inclined to stand out.  Even if everyone wears suits in the colors  I just mentioned it’s highly unlikely that you will have two people wearing the same exact suit. The issue I have with  black is even if the design or cut of the suit is different all black suits tend to look like all other black suits.  Branding is about differentiating yourself from the competition, that will be difficult if your appearance is similar to others.   The only exception I can think of  is if you wear all black, all the time, every single day of your life, then you’ll be known as the “student dressed in black”,  in that case wearing black is a part of your brand identity.  If you haven’t purchased a suit yet get something conservative,  just not black.


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