You Didn’t Get the Offer: Congrats! That’s a Successful Internship

I know the ultimate measure of success for thousands of students across the country is to secure an offer at the conclusion of the summer internship. However, I believe if YOU DIDN’T get the offer that is also  success.  Congrats, someone within the organization or you have made the assessment that you  were not a fit and that’s a good thing. It’s better you learn now rather than later.  Even though an offer in hand provides some degree of security let’s face it if you were not completely happy you will continue to seek other opportunities.   As you continue the job search that symbol of comfort will prove to be distressful  when you know within yourself that you did not  enjoy your time with the firm that extended the offer.

The beauty of the internship is that it gives both you and the employer time to “interview” each other.  If after this multiple week interview either one or both parties determined that continuing the relationship would be unwise then  the internship has served its purpose.  Consider the lack of an offer as an opportunity to pursue an organization where you will be  stronger fit and ultimately more inclined to succeed. Congrats on learning this lesson relatively early in your career, now that you have a better idea of what you want  and where you will be most successful you can engage in a fruitful full-time job search process equipped with this knowledge and yield  a more suitable outcome.

Dedicated to my student Jessica L.     The possibilities are open for bigger, bettter and greater.


One thought on “You Didn’t Get the Offer: Congrats! That’s a Successful Internship

  1. I’m a little late in seeing this post, however, well said. I have an appreciation for anyone that advises students on the truth and realities of life, rather than the text book.

    Give young adults credit, they can handle the truth, now if someone would just tell them it, and tell them it frankly, but with good intent. Well done.

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