Employers Want to Get to Know YOU

Campus presentations, interviews, scavenger hunts and a host of other company events are designed for employers to get to know you. It’s your job to be present and introduce yourself to the recruiters or other company representatives.  Just as in any marketing campaign you must  make yourself accessible and available to your target audience.  Use your school’s  online career management platform (CSO Interfase, Simplicity/NaceLink) to  determine when and how companies will be on campus and schedule time to interface with the organizations you find desirable.   Finding a internship or full time job is a job in and of itself, but  if you dont’ connect with the individuals that can offer you access to opportunities within the organization,  you will make the process much more difficult. 

You are probably more inclined to get an interview if employers remember you from the events that they’ve held on campus. They will probably say  “Remember Stu Dent from ABC University?  S/he was at almost every event we had on campus. S/he is really interested.”  Now, you are a subject of conversation and if qualified an interview is very likely.  I’m sure you are aware that it’s very competitive and if attending a few events will give you an edge, I think it’s worth it.  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Employers Want to Get to Know YOU

  1. “…S/he is really interested.”

    I think you nailed it here Wynella. Recruiters will remember those who are interested and curious…especially if they have the “present yourself in the best image” thing going on. I think the opportunity to showcase one’s curiosity about items like finding meaning at that company, the company’s viewpoint on continuing professional development and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others is priceless.

    The recruiter will be more apt to remember students who ask these type of questions over ones like, “How much money can I make the first year? How much vacation do I get? What’s your time off policy?”

    • Dave, you are right. Companies are looking for dynamic individuals who are passionate and have a geninue interest in the work they are expected to perform.

  2. Having just scanned W. Reid’s blogs about Brand “You”, I find them excellent. We all have a brand, find out what yours is. Your brand will build or decline throughout your career as your business associates hear and see your perform and achieve, so keep your company’s network and your external network alive and well.
    Rutgers MBA
    Class of ’81

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