No One Can Get You a Job But You

Unless based on a third party’s recommendation your hiring manager contacts you without any previous conversation or thought and declares “You’re hired!”, you are the primary individual responsible for securing your next employment opportunity.   Many individuals say  “[Insert name here] got me job.”   This is  not the case.  Individuals  who refer you to a position simply connect you to a person or people that may be able to extend to you an offer.  After that  moment it is up to you to secure the position for your self.

Most managers interested in having work performed effectively and efficiently will not hire an incompetent  person without knowledge, skills or abilities.  Usually, if you are unfit for a position you will not be hired.  While your professors, family members, friends or  other members from within your personal contact  network can provide recommendations they cannot  “get” you the job.  Whether or not you are hired is  usually a function of  how well you are perceived to be capable of performing in a given role, your willingness to perform and whether you are a fit within the organization’s culture. 

Let’s face it most people will not refer a an applicant unless he or she is qualified.  Thank the person who facilitated the connection to your opportunity and be grateful for that relationship, however the pat on the back for actually sealing the deal and securing the position goes to you.


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