Master Your Job Function

When you begin a new job it’s so tempting to want to do everything. Particularly when you are at a large organization, there are groups, special projects, initiatves and the like in which to get involved and the tempation to dive right in to a myriad of activities may be too great to resist.  While it’s great to get involved as a means to expand your professional network and gain visibility I offer to you a word of caution: “Master the position for which you were hired.” Learn every detail associated with your role and exceed your manger’s expectation. Have a conversation with your supervisor and determine the objectives of your  position, then engage in the process of meeting and surpassing these goals. 

The job is the reason you were hired, if you aren’t doing that well then it’s only a matter of time before your manager finds someone who will. Without your position you wont have access to all the extras associated with your employment.  Don’t lose sight of your primary objective which is to do your job. Remain focused on the tasks for which you were hired, especially the ones you hate and once you’ve done that then feel free to delve into your company’s other offerings.


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