Do You Have a Portfolio?

A former student of mine recently reminded me of an effective interview tool: the portfolio.  Portfolios are not only for those involved in the creative sector, they are relevant to all job seekers who wish to provide visual support for their past accomplishments. With a portfolio you can show your interviewer your resume rather than simply talking about it.  It is easy to work into the interview  conversation by simply stating “Here are a few examples of the work that I’ve done”,  or you may  say, “I brought my portfolio  to share with you examples of my past accomplishments.”  Your portfolio may contain copies of  the following:

  • Transcripts
  • Awards/Certificates of Recognition
  • Articles you have written or were featured
  • Presentations
  • Writing Samples
  • Brochures or Flyers you’ve designed/written
  • Flyers advertising competitions, programs or  projects in which you’ve participated
  • Anything you believe would establish you as a fit for the position

Your portfolio should be neat and organized.  You can purchase a portfolio at  a Staples or Office Max.  Bottom line the candidate with a portfolio leaves a strong memorable visual impression while demonstrating to the interviewer that you take  them your job search seriously.


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