You Don’t Go to a Four Year College to Get A Job

“The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.” Albert Einstein

Many people erroneously pursue  a college degree with the intention that “they will get a job, when they graduate”. Sadly  this is not  the purpose of a  college education.  The intention of  many degree programs is to inspire thought and thinking from a variety of disciplines.  It is the hope of any civilized society that  individuals trained in various areas will have the ability to sufficiently address the challenges that every community will inevitably face.   

For instance those who major in history will not open a history store, however they will have crafted the ability to research and gather data.  Those who study English are not destined to teach however in the process of pursuing their education they will have acquired the ability to write and interpret information.  An Africana Studies major will not be the next head of the new Black Panther Party, but an individual who has ability to see the world from a largely ignored view-point. The ability to research, write and interpret positioning is inherent in nearly every discipline.  It is from these perspectives that a nation will  train its citizens to  carefully assess its  dilemmas and hopefully find solutions.

You go to college to learn to think.  You acquire a job based on the skills you develop and the relationships you build during this process.   I believe that more people would have a much more enjoyable college experience and a much easier job search if they accepted this view-point.   So pursue your passion as this will get you through an already difficult process, but in the meantime seek out opportunities to hone those attributes that employers find desirable : high GPA,oral and written communication, interpersonal, leadership and quantitative skills.  Develop relationships with individuals within a  field of interest and be prepared to showcase how well you’ve honed the aforementioned abilities.  Your infectious passion  and stellar performance in your chosen discipline will position  you  as a  viable candidate in nearly any sector which you have a genuine interest.


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