Do You Want to Work With Joey Jerk, Debbie Downer?

Most  of us spend more time with our co workers than our  own family, thus people tend  to hire individuals that they like.   A major component of personal brand development is your attitude or overall disposition.    Companies probe their candidates with behavioral questions in an attempt to decipher their temperment and  ability to respond effectively to potential scenarios that may emerge in the work place.   Your  attitude or outlook on life  is very important in  assessing whether or not you will be a fit within an organization.  While everyone loves a skilled candidate,  your abilities will be overlooked if you do not possess a personality that will win friends.  I’m  not suggesting that you fake your personality, I am however suggesting that you adopt an attitude that  will make you a pleasant, competent and diligent team player. Consider for a moment whether or not you would want to work with yourself.  If the answer is no, chances are no one else will.   Ultimately you must be the  person with whom you would like to work.  To answer the question posed  as the title of the piece,  I don’t know about you,  but personally I don’t want to work with either Joey or Debbie.


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