Ask for More Work

I know this may sound counter intutive but when  you are at work and have nothing to do that’s usually not a good thing, you should ask for more work.   Some people feel as if they are “getting over” but  what they are really doing is wasting time.  Work while not always pleasureable it should most certainly be an opportunity to enhance your skills and abilities.  If you find yourself in a position where you are not growing or learning,  I suggest that you move on or seek out  projects where you can develop both personally or  prefessionally.  Be strategic in your quest to assume additional responsibilities, don’t run around the  work place requesting  to take on tedious minutia that everyone avoids.  Pursue additional tasks in the contex of how they will  help you develop  transferrable skills  and or key relationships.   The work you perform may or may not be recognized however the  new relationships or skills you acquire should most certainly position you  to garner greater opportunities.


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