Accessories Matter

Within the context of personal branding it is the small things that take you from “brand blah” to “brand polished”.  Accessories are a great way to  spruce up an otherwise common or lackluster appearance.    For all who are involved in the job hunt, a nice leather padfolio  to store your resumé and other credentials creates the  appearance of a professional.  A nice quality leather padfolio is far preferable to a paper  two pocket or file folder.  In addition polished leather shoes make a  very strong first impression.  Women should refrain from wearing open toe or  sling back  shoes. Men should avoid shoes that could be mistaken for a dressed up sneaker.  Quality handbags for woman  can make a profound statement.  Men should always wear ties unless a business casual dress code is requested otherwise you  seem  “too cool for school”.   Dont forget to  keep your jewelry conservative and to a minimum.  Accessories are a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition while demonstrating your attention to detail. When choosing chose wisely.


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