No Rest for the Unemployed/ Those Without Internships

Winter Break is an ideal opportunity for you to focus  on your self marketing campaign.  Remember your internship/employment search is an effort to promote yourself and how you can add value to employers.   Companies are now developing their strategy for recruiting top students on campus and similarly you should also create a plan to target firms or companies of choice.  Keep in mind that many banks are accepting applications for summer internships now, so if you wait until the beginning of the Spring semester to apply you will be too late.

Be sure to review your resume and have it critiqued.  It’s focus should be on what you have accomplished and what you have achieved. Refrain from listing your job duties.

Purchase/acquire a conservative colored interview suit and appropriate accessories: shirt/blouse/tie , shoes, socks and hose.  These elements are crucial in presenting a polished and professional impression.

Practice your elevator speech. If someone were to ask you to describe yourself in 30 seconds or less what would you say?  You should have the ability to articulate with ease who you are, what you want and what you have to offer.

Create a  list of  target firms and develop a plan on how you will apply to those companies.

Last, but not least, AVOID waiting until you return to campus to  begin the process.  If you wish to gain any advantage you will begin your internship/employment search  IMMEDIATELY.


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