You Have to Network to Be Successful

One component of  the employment search that is often overlooked is the power  of networking. Networking requires that you   take a genuine interest in the people around you.  Most importantly networking is about what you have to offer as oppose to what you can recieve from the relationship.   Many of us myself include possess a huge personal contact network that we fail to nuture until of course we need something.  Then we remember key individuals who might be able to give us a hand.  By  this time it is too late to build a relationship.  Build relationships BEFORE you need the assistance of someone in your network.  If you cultivate a relationship with the vast majority of the people in your network  it will be much easier to request  a favor if needed.   Building relationships does not mean feigning interest it however does mean sending a note from time to time to say hello or keeping members of your network abreast of any new developments in your life.   It is an constant effort that requires care, however if done effectively opportunities will present themselves to you and that will make your employment search campaign so much easier.


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