You Are Judged By Your Appearance

It is imperative during the job search that you dress the part of the position that you are seeking.  Many students believe that  it is sufficient to  “get away” with with mediocre and subpar attire that saftisfy a specified dress code yet appear  far from professional.  Within the context of the job search process it is prudent that you dress  conservatively and then make appropriate adjustments when you learn more about an organization.   

Every college student should keep the following mind when assembling their business professional wardrobe:

  • A clean pressed suit in a conservative color such as navy, charcoal grey( every college student gets black but to my mind a sea of students in black suits  looks more like a funeral than a  career event. )
  • Polished dress shoes ( not strappy sandals or sneaker-shoes). Pumps for women and wing tips for men.
  • Young men should always wear conservative ties and a collard shirts (white or light blue are safe) to interviews and other career related events unless otherwise noted.
  • Wear limited accessories and fragrance ( the company rep may be allergic)
  • Handbags /Padfolios should also be of good quality and conservative
  • Women should wear skin-colored hosiery; Men your socks should match your pants or your shoes.
  • Hair should be neat and well-groomed

Invest in  quality items as they convey very clearly to the organization that you are a quality candidate.  Keep in mind although it may not be fair you are judged by your appearance and for many employers the way you dress for the interview indicates how well you have prepared to meet with a representatative from their organization.


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