The Most Costly Mistake New Grads Make In Seeking Employment

 Most college students tend to look for a job  after they have graduated.  This is perhaps the gravest mistake they will make in graduate  employment search process.  Keep in mind that companies recruit on a cycle that is similar to the academic year.  The most competitve firms will have their requistions for their June hires filled by the Fall of  the  previous year.    If  a student is graduatin in  May 2009, many firms will have positions filled for that class by no later than December  2008 (with many firms filling their requistions for full time hires using their summer internship programs).  When students wait until after graduation to begin their  employment search they place themselves at a strategic disadvantage  as most employers will have already filled their requisitions for full time hires.  They are seeking employment at a time when the bulk of opportunities that have been reserved specifically for them are no longer available.   

Students without an offer  can begin their job search simply by going to their career services centers. For Seniors  without an offer,  networking is the best way to access opportunitites.  Use  in to connect with alumni  from your school or contact individuals who have a background in an area you find interesting.  Rather than inquiring about opportuniites  request information or advice on your career search.  Find local professional organizations and get connected.  Indentify a few choice firms  and create a strategic campaign using your resume and cover letter to secure an interview.  Become fully acquainted with the staff, events and programming  for your career services center.  Do something  other than wait until you recieve your diploma.


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