Begin Today!

Based on my experience the number one mistake college student make is begining the job search much too late.  Most think it is something that is done  AFTER graduation.  Or something that should be considered once they have done the “real” work of studying  for exams and preparing for classes.  This could not be further from the truth.  Ideally your employment search should commence the moment you step foot on your college’s campus.   It begins simply by exploring the myriad of options that you have available.  It starts with learning about and investigating all that your campus has to offer.

By sophomore year you should have a  variety of organizations, clubs and activities on  your resume with no mention of what you did in high school.  By your junior year  an internship where you build strong skills set will set you apart from   your competition.  During your  fouth or senior year  your level of involvement  and employment history will make you a  well rounded and viable  candidate for  many organizations.  The best part about begining early is that you have time to recover from mistakes or blunders which are sure to  made along the way. It also gives you ample time to explore a variety of  options and if needed  change your mind along the way.


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