Create an Accomplishment and Achievement Driven Resume

In this new economy it’s all about skills and relationships.   Skills are transferable across sectors and if you have the right relationships, they can be very helpful in aiding you with exposing your skills to an appreciative audience.   A lot of college students tend to confuse their personal attributes with skills sets. Let me say this “highly motivated college student” is not a skill.   According to Richard Bolles in What Color is your parachute skills are essentially how you manage people, data and things.  So if it’s not dealing with a person, thing or data you are not utilizing a skill.

 When you prepare your resume, you must always consider your skills.  Skills are the primary way to demonstrate your ability to add value to your firm.  The primary question you should ask yourself is what skill am I demonstrating that I possess or developed.  It is not sufficient to simply say “manage data”.  You must prove to the reader that you have data management abilities by indicating a specific accomplishment or achievement.  You must provide the reader evidence of your ability to add value.  This is usually indicated by giving an example of how you utilize the skill that you are attempting to showcase.  Accomplishment and achievement can best be indicated by indicating a scope, or range, a quantity, frequency, outcome or end result.  You must state as a result of you being in this positions these things happened.  The best part about indicating evidence via accomplishment or achievement is that your content is not subjective.  It is fact.  It is not open to opinion.  I want to know how large was the database and what was managed.

 For example:   Don’t tell the readerData base management    Indicate the scope  and quantity of your  project by stating:      Managed a database of over 1000 client’s investment and personal data.

 Don’t tell the reader  that you have   “Strong leadership abilities.”  Instead state:  Lead a team of 5 to 2nd place position at school- wide accounting competition.

Let’s face it what makes a stronger impression:  Manage  organization’s budget or Managed the organizations budget of $17,000.

By providing evidence of your accomplishment and achievement  your ability to “add value” is  made clear and your future boss is inclined to think “If  this applicant did it for their preveious employer, they can do it for me.”  When you create an accomplishment/achievement driven resume it literally makes you feel as if you’ve achieved or accomplished something and that’s a great confidence booster.


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